Hatha Yoga with Laura

You’ll learn to
move with ease,
enjoy being in your body,
honour yourself and
live more peacefully.

In a Hatha yoga class with Laura you’ll be guided through a fun but safe sequence of postures that will challenge and enliven you. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to align your physical body as well as the more subtle energetic and mind bodies, into a safer, freer and more enjoyable space. By practicing Hatha Yoga with Laura you’ll also receive the following benefits:

A deeper connection to your own source of power

Increased energy and a sensation of feeling ‘alive’!

A deeper awareness and consideration for those around you

Relief from chronic physical or emotional pain

A general improvement in your health and wellbeing

About Laura

Laura had her first taste of yoga at the age of 19. She regularly attended yoga classes with her mother, who as a primary school teacher arranged for a yoga teacher to come once a week to teach yoga to her class. Having attended a ‘Sports School’ where focus and praise was put on achieving and competing, Laura became captivated with this new practice, where focus was put on supporting, sharing and tuning in to one’s own personal needs.

Upon moving to Spain in her early twenties she continued to attend yoga classes until finally in 2010 decided to do a Teacher Training course. To combine her passion for surfing with the yoga teacher training she decided to go to Costa Rica and study at the Nosara Yoga Institute. Here, fully immersed in a yoguic environment, Laura gained her first certificate as an Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher. 

Upon returning to Spain she started teaching local yoga classes in Conil as well as to surfers and holiday makers. She spent the two following winters in Morocco teaching yoga at a Surf Camp. In 2011 she also spent a month in Thailand studying Thai Massage with yoga and meditation. It was in Thailand that she received her first taste of Anusara Yoga.

In 2012 she took her first steps in Anusara Yoga by attending the first Anusara Immersion course with Susana Garcia Blanco in Barcelona. Captivated by this playful yet profound practice, she had found a yoga style that could safely deepen her practice and understanding of yoga. From then on she became a dedicated Anusara student, attending classes and workshops regularly. Between 2012 and 2015 she completed the Anusara Immersions and Teacher Training with Susana Garcia and Lucas Bennet in Jerez de la Frontera, gaining the title of Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher.

Laura is also dedicated to the study and practice of meditation. Since 2013 she has regularly attended teachings and meditation retreats with Isidro Gordi in Malaga.

Laura’s goal as a teacher is to guide her students towards their own full potential. To feel freer, happier and more confident within themselves and in the world around them.


Ananda is
“The bliss of awakening”

It’s the joy of opening our heart and mind to every experience.

Yoga is a journey to our innermost essence, and as we awaken on our yoga path we will start to connect to our inner source of happiness. A happiness that has the potential to be present in any given circumstance.